Tanino Bonifacio

EVA (Evgenia Vasilyeva) is an artist who, with her fascinating artistic research via diverse languages, reveals the signs of palpitating secret life concealed behind the everyday routine consisting of images that unceasingly fill our eyes and our souls.

Don Fabio Raimondi

Lines of Communication. The Way of Spirit exhibition is launched at the Cathedral Museum of Caltagirone. The exposition is opened in chapel from April to May.

Pierre Cardin

Today’s artistic space suggests various forms of exhibition ideas, which include international projects joining together the sites of private galleries and professional museums.

Vittorio Sgarbi

UIn the exhibitions program for the opening of the Palazzo Doebbing Museum in Sutri, we decided to allow some space for international contemporary art exhibitors, represented by artist EVA with her project TO THE WONDER

Gianluca Marziani

The contemporary image resembles a liquid body in a state of flux, an unstable entity with no definitive dimension. It essentially embodies technological pro-gress, namely the various solutions that digital culture has defined since the distant 1980s, when electronics became a popular, ultipurpose tool.

Maurice Rufin

Eva came of age as an author in an era when the romantic period of postmodernism with its condescending, ironic, parodic view of reality gave way to total control over the artist and the ultimate immersion of society into virtual reality.

Anna Kovaleva – Miloradovich

Doctor of Art’s History, member of International Association of Art’s critics (AICA) member of Union of Russian writers

New Nature

The project “New Nature” is exploring the concepts and ideas of metamodernism philosophy. The term “metamodernism” was coined in 2010 by Dutch philosophers Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker.


The project “Five” is based on the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and his five proofs of God existence. The sculpture and the video in the project research medieval philosophy by means of contemporary art.

Right for supremacy

The project “Right for supremacy” explores the interaction of human with the nature, the influence of scientific progress on natural surroundings and possible consequences of human activity for the environment.


The project “Superhuman” is based on the philosophical systems of Friedrich Nietzsche and representatives of existentialism. In the project, the ideas of a superhuman obtain a visual manifestation.

Truth About Lies

In classical art, an image is a reflection of reality, it tells the truth about the truth. However, postmodernist philosophers reject the existence of a universal truth.