Anna Kovaleva – Miloradovich

In her project Eva emphasizes the relationship between the opposites in the form of her own interpretation of the metamodern philosophy. The images and symbols of the “New Nature” intend to show the possibility of spiritual enrichment by passing through mutually denying and incompatible polarities. In postmodernism this method of enquiry is called oscillation.

The whole contemporary world order is subject to radical changes. The future world is shaped under the influence of global conflicts and rapid development of digital and network technologies. Human consciousness is in the constant process of exploring the Internet space. It oscillates between the real and the virtual. As a result of this swing between endless digital copies and subjective feeling of a contemporary human, appeared an expanded and paradoxical perception of reality. Humans starting looking at the world through the eyes of God, taking as granted the plurality of events and phenomena, which are mutually exclusive at first glance. Thus, the metaphysical pluralism, a simultaneous belief into several inconsistent positions, becomes a human’s natural perception of the world.

Ideally, this situation is propitious for philosophy and art in the attempts to find the truth. The necessity to choose between personal experience and externally imposed behavioural rules, between natural and scientific, compel the artist to retreat to the sensual romantic experiences, dreams and fantasies. People advert to anticipations and reflections. Such qualities as sincerity and inner assurance, that have seemingly passed out of use, become highly valued. Thinkers realize that in the globalism epoch society has become so complex and indefinite that its development will never be able to adhere to uniform ideology or plan. That is why a peculiar person can only realize one’s potential through network ties with like-minded fellows.

In the “New Nature” the desire to blend into the system of connaturals is metaphorically shown by the theme of mushrooms and plants, substances that vividly oscillate between life and death cycles. Mould, rot, propagation, blossom, active growth, internal and external transformations, quiver, vibrations, distortions, dimness, ripples on some cosmic surface, and finally decay and physical disappearance – the whole transition from under the ground to the heavenly irrational spheres shows the state of oscillation, in which all things exist.

Each of the newly appeared, continually emerging and disappearing “network formations” amounts to a certain fragment or element of the contemporary world. On the one hand, being pulled apart and individuated, they stir discord into the public conscious and destabilize society. On the other hand, they do stabilize and unite the system, oscillating between diametrically opposite ideas.

Eva perceives “New Nature” as coming back to catharsis born in the depths of digital technologies. Her choice of contemporary expressive means (video and multi-layer photographs) speaks for itself. It appears that spirituality does not depend on the material, by which it is attained. If the computer in the contemporary world equals to the human as an image and likeness of God, then why not use it as a means to achieving enlightenment? Eva directs the capabilities of digital technologies to remove contradictions between moment and eternity. Her vegetative allegories are aimed at reconciling the common genetic code lying outside the boundaries of life and death with the individual being of an organism. Neo Romanticism of metamodernism actively encroaches on scientific disciplines and discoveries, thus broadening human consciousness to the realization of the possibility to be immortal and removing the line between the mystical and the material.

The philosophy of metamodernism dismantles discrepancies between the polarities and liquidates subconscious taboos on some actions. Consequently, humanity opens new horizons for action as a means to apply one’s individual energy. It is not necessary to find and reveal the truths since it is unknown whether they exist. The process of searching itself is crucial. Constant mental tensions and struggle with interia result from this search. Eva’s video project are always filled with movement. In the “New Nature” the dynamics of the events for the first time is conceived as a feeling of belonging to eternity, as a desire to breach the scope of habitual biological and physical processes. The overlap of the high and the low forces motion into the mystical category and describes it as a method of spirit and matter coexistence. Every detail embodies the idea of change, action and transformation. Both life and death continually transgress into something different, change from one state into the another. The whole project represents the unresting flow of idea in nature. Entities expand, pushing out all empty spots from the visual space. Therefore, there is not a single fragment that has not been studies and researched. Matter becomes a living, actual and romantic category whose bounds are determined by pulsating polarities. The add piquant spice to the contemporary civilization and encourage the bearers of metamodernist consciousness to grow spiritually through the oscillation principle for it allows to see the paradoxical side of being. All limitations exist only to provide a human with a stimulus to overcome them. Today’s society requires of personality to admit and accept the contradictory plurality. Only this way humans can make themselves at home. In fact, the destiny of a contemporary artist is to pursuit continually moving horizons. In Eva’s video worksand photographs abstract forms are entwined with concrete objects. Phosphoric colors add to the ongoing process the taste of fata morgana, although the author’s art asserts that the theory of metamodernism serves as a kind of compass that allows to orientate oneself more confidently in the new nature.