Lisa Plavinsky

I, as an artist, am formed by the idea of delight in the vastness of the luxury of nature and the inexhaustible possibilities of life. My only and main theme of a somewhat cult-aesthetic nature is aphrodisiacs: push – apers of emotions and razgodeli (in a good sense of the word) of vital forces: men, cars, trees and roses, sun glare and musical sounds. Friends call my painting alchemy and say that it is found on the tip of the tongue – I don’t mind).




Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Department of Art history, PhD


Deport, Lingua Latina gallery, Moscow, Russia



Each of us is Blok, Peresvetov Lane gallery, Moscow, Russia

Bestiary, Promgrafika gallery, Moscow, Russia



55 colones, Central House Of Architects Of The Union Of Architects, Moscow, Russia The girl with the moon, Fabrika art centre, Moscow, Russia Daughters-mothers, Graun-Peschannaya Gallery , Moscow, Russia Merry-go-round, Zdes’ gallery, Moscow, Russia Come back, VP studio, Moscow, Russia I am sorry that’s not it, Total art club, Moscow, Russia


All Plavinskaya from the collection of A.V. Turchin, Turchin flat-museum, Moscow, Russia

Plan of the Christmas tree location in a one-room apartment, Moscow museum, Moscow, Russia

Find an owl, Roza azora gallery, Moscow, Russia


Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Group exhibitions


ArtVilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania

Moscoop, Paris, France


Moscoop, Paris, France

The Coup Of Dimon, Moscow, Russia

In heaven, on earth, Moscow, Russia

Royalty, Moscow, Russia

The holiday of spring and labor, Moscow, Russia